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What this eBook includes!

A brief introduction to SEMrush Traffic Analytics Tool — a competitive intelligence tool that gives you full access to data on your competitors' domain traffic.

In this section, we'll explain what differentiates Traffic Analytics from Domain Analytics and how these two unique tools gather data.

2. How is Traffic Analytics Different from Domain Analytics?

1. Introduction to Traffic Analytics

Access to Traffic Analytics will cost you $200/month in addition to the regular SEMrush subscription (starting from $99.95). In this section, we provide compelling reasons as to why Traffic Analytics is worth the investment.

3. Why Do You Need to Use Traffic Analytics?

Learn how to benchmark and compare traffic statistics of multiple websites at the same time.

5. Benchmark Traffic Statistics of Multiple Websites

In this section, you'll learn how to gain insights into your competitors' digital strategies and see which channels generate the most traffic for them.

6. Traffic Sources Report

4. Traffic Analytics Overview Report

In this section, we'll show how you can use the Traffic Analytics Overview Report to gather insights into your competitors' strategies, explore user behavior, and reveal trends in your target market.

7. Traffic Analytics Geo Distribution Report

This report lets you identify the countries and regions where a website gets most of its visitors. You can currently analyze traffic in 190 countries and regions.

8. Traffic Analytics Destination Sites Report

Learn how to extract data on all the external websites that people go to after visiting the site you're currently analyzing.

9. Traffic Analytics Subdomains Report

The Subdomains report helps you see how your competitor's site is structured and where their priorities are.

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